About Me

One of the many things that define my personality, and one the reasons why I created this website, is my artistic nature. Let’s just say that I can’t express myself with only one type of arts, but with most of them. I sing, draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, and sew. Besides the many artist colors I have, I also like cooking and I love mathematics (I know, that last one surprised you, right?). Basically I am a cool nerd, and I am proud of it.

I follow the laws of Jewish orthodoxy, and one of these laws has to do with what I wear. In Hebrew, the word for it is “Tzniut” and it means modesty. By following the modesty laws, I cannot show my knees, elbows, and my collarbones. Not only I made this choice in my life, I am also very happy I made this choice. Compared to what some (most) people think, being modest is immensely empowering; suddenly it’s not about how much skin I show, but it’s about who I am, and who I am is much more important than some evident skin.

On another hand, I am highly respecting of other people’s ways of life. As long as you are happy and not causing hurt and pain to others, there is no reason for me to judge you because of a piece of clothing you chose to cover your body.

This website is also a blog where I am planning on sharing some of my ideas and hopefully even show you how I make clothing – modest clothing. This is a place where I want to be able to fully express myself, and also hear your feedback.

Perhaps little by little you guys will get to know all my colors, and hopefully I will get to know yours as well.

Be in touch,